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The ECRAF General Assembly in Gdansk (Poland) on 12th September 2019 elected new ECRAF President: Mr. Johan PIHLSTRÖM (Sweden) for mandate 2019-2021.

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Next Executive Committee meeting in Belgrade 27-30 April 2015


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Next Executive Committee meeting will take place in Belgrade, Republic Serbia 27th to 30th April 2015. On the Agenda, there are topics regarding next annual ECRAF Congress (the main topic, Programm, Elections, etc). 



Topics for congress 2013 will be discussed at next EC meeting

Topics for the next congress in Sarajevo, Bosnia- Herzegovina September 2013, will be one of the main issues for the next meeting in the Executive Committee. The meeting, which will take place in Prague 10.-12th December 2012, will discuss this issue on basis of the evaluation answers. The evalutation report is to be found at the web at site Previous congresses.

Good implemented congress in Spain 2012

The Congress and the General Assembly were important events for ECRAF. The main topic on “Lessons identified and learned in Road Safety in International Operations” gave the delegates new and important information, and we are grateful to all briefers for their interesting and important contribution to the Congress. The General Assembly was also one of the most important events in the ECRAF history due to the approval of a new strategy and action plan, and some other important decisions, sais President Oddvar Haagensen, Norway.

New Vice-President and EC member

Ernes Heleg, Bosnia-Herzegovina (left) was elected new Vice-President and Arto Purkunen, Finland, was elected as nember of Executive Committee at the General Assembly in Spain. Heleg has been member of EC since 2010 and Purkunen was attending GA for the first time.


The European Commission for Road Safety in the Armed Forces (ECRAF) has adopted the vision Zero as guideline for the work on road safety in the Armed Forces.

Vision Zero declares that nobody shall be killed or seriously injured in the road traffic.


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