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The ECRAF General Assembly in Helsinki (Finland) on 15th September 2016 elected new ECRAF Presidency:  


ECRAF President for mandate 2016-2018 is LTC Jan Sevcik (CZE) and Vice President is MAJ Petri Manelius (FIN).

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Mixed experiences with use of simulators

Information given by the Armed Forces in Czech and other participating countries showed both positive and negative experiences with the use of simulators in the education of military drivers. It was underlined that the benefit ofsimulators depends on certain conditions/circumstances. Simulators are no substitute for real vehicle, but is a helpful supplement. In the German Armed Forces simulator added training is well established and approved in basic training for F/G. The presentations will on the web in the near future.

The new ECRAF executive committe

The ECRAF Executive Committee consists of the following person after the General Assembly: Oddvar Haagensen, Norway, president 2011-13 (reelected), Robert Windischmann, Germany, vice-president 2010-12 (not on election), Ernes Heleg, Bosnia- Herzegovina, member 2010-12 (not on election), Jan Sevsic, Czech Republic, member 2011-13 (new) and Johan Pihlstrøm, Sweden, member 2011-13 (new).

Invitation to ECRAF general assembly 2011

The invitation to take part in ECRAF’s General Assembly the 16th September 2011 has now been sent to all the actual delegates.

The agenda consists of the following subjects: Welcome,Approval of calling in, Approval of agenda, Annual report from the Executive Committee, Accounts for 2009-10, Sponsorship - updates, Budget for 2011-12, Statistics - updates, Approval ogf new member, Elections and any other business. More documents will be sent.

The invitation and agenda are linked to this article by: ECRAF PS Invitation GA Czech Republic 16. September 2011 and ECRAF PS Draft agenda General Assembly 2011x

Diploma of Merit of ECRAF given out for first time at GA

At the end of the General Assembly President Oddvar Haagensen handed out the new Diploma of Merit of ECRAF and the ECRAF Crest to former aecretary Stefanie Stettler, Switzerland and the outgoing EC members Johnny Laurent, Belgium and Flemming Pedersen, Denmark.          

Good road safety work in Serbian Armed forces

The Serbian Armed Forces has during the last years achieved remarkable results of its road safety work. The accident prevention work has obviously been carried out in a systematic way based on clear strategies. The work has also been done in good and close collaboration with the civilian side and educational institutions on a university level including an internal faculty for road safety.

President Oddvar Haagensen and Policy Secretary Leif Agnar Ellevset were both impressed what they experienced during their participation at the expert conference ”Safety of Military Traffic Participants” at the Military Academy in Belgrade 26th May this year. We will later bring more information about the military road safety work in Serbia


The European Commission for Road Safety in the Armed Forces (ECRAF) has adopted the vision Zero as guideline for the work on road safety in the Armed Forces.

Vision Zero declares that nobody shall be killed or seriously injured in the road traffic.


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