There are uploaded documents and presentations from the ECRAF Congress 2019.

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The ECRAF General Assembly in Gdansk (Poland) on 12th September 2019 elected new ECRAF President: Mr. Johan PIHLSTRÖM (Sweden) for mandate 2019-2021.

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ECRAF Congress and General Assembly 2023


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The ECRAF Congress in 2023 was a great arrangement from our hosts in the United Kingdom. This year there was 14 nations represented and allmost 30 delegates attended the paramount event for ECRAF, The annual congress. The findings that was identified and according to the discussions are to be published at this website later on. We welcome and eager member nations that has not attended for a while to attend next yeras congress.

More information regarding this years congress findings and conclusions will be puclished later on. 

Information of ECRAF Annual Congress in 2024 will be sent to all known delgates and contacts and published at the ECRAF website.

ECRAF Congress 2022: 12-16 September 2022, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


ECRAF Members and Delegates!

At last it´s possible to meet in real life again after the pandemic. We in the ECRAF Executive Committee has visited our hosts for this year’s ECRAF Congress to plan the event and see the facilities. The Congress will be held in the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands between the 12th and the 16th of September. I as President would like to see you all at location to get a new start for ECRAF after a long time of no physical meetings. Below you can find the program, including the announcement form, the Novotel announcement form and the EU Road Safety Policy Framework 2021 – 2030. We will discuss the EU document combined with the European standard for Road Safety, EN 39 001, during the congress. So I encourage you all to read this two documents before the Congress. 

At last, on behalf of the whole Executive Committee and our hosts the Dutch Armed Forces, we welcome you to register your participation. We hope to see you in Eindhoven in September.  

You will find instructions for registration and participation in the ECRAF Congress program. 

If you have any questions or remarks. Please contact anyone in the Executive Committee or mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


ECRAF - President



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- Novotel_Announcement_From_-_ECRAF_Congress_12-16_SEP_2022

- EU_Road_Safety_Policy_Framework_2021-2030_Next_Steps_towards_Vision_Zero


The European Commission for Road Safety in the Armed Forces (ECRAF) has adopted the vision Zero as guideline for the work on road safety in the Armed Forces.

Vision Zero declares that nobody shall be killed or seriously injured in the road traffic.


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