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The ECRAF General Assembly in Gdansk (Poland) on 12th September 2019 elected new ECRAF President: Mr. Johan PIHLSTRÖM (Sweden) for mandate 2019-2021.

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Congress 2009 in Finland (9th - 12th September)

Main topic: How to change drivers behaviour

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The delegates pictured outside congress hotel


Download: Advice 2009

Download: Minutes Congress 2009

Congress 2008 in Dennmark (11th - 13th September

Main topic: Training of drivers for international missions

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Download: Advice 2008

Download: Minutes 2008

Congress 2007 in Germany (13th - 15th September)

Main topic: Cooperation with civil road safety organisations


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Download: Advice 2007

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Congress 2006 in Sweden (14th - 16th September)

Main topic: Preparation and driving in mission areas.

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Download: Advice 2006

Download: Minutes 2006

Congress and GA 2005 in Norway (15th - 17th September)

Main topic: Safe guarding of cargo and transport of dangerous goods

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Download: Advice 2005

Download: Minutes 2005

Congress 2004 in the Netherlands (16th - 18th September)

Main topic: Driver training and reversing


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Download: Advice 2004  

Download: Minutes 2004


The European Commission for Road Safety in the Armed Forces (ECRAF) has adopted the vision Zero as guideline for the work on road safety in the Armed Forces.

Vision Zero declares that nobody shall be killed or seriously injured in the road traffic.


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